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Rollin Horton represents District 20 in the Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County.

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Sunday, August 6, 2023 12:36 PM


I am honored and excited to announce that I have been elected the next Metro Council Member for District 20.

I want to take this moment to express my gratitude for your support during our successful campaign. Your support and the support of your friends and neighbors is what made this possible - your trust to represent our neighborhoods means the world to me and I am committed to serving with dedication, integrity, and transparency.

Over the course of this campaign, we have engaged in thousands of meaningful discussions with our neighborhood voters, and worked tirelessly together with our residents to come up with solutions to address the number of challenges and opportunities that await the next Metro Council, not least all:

  • Building more and better sidewalks, safe crosswalks, and better traffic calming for safer and more walkable neighborhoods;
  • Supporting our neighborhood schools so that every child has access to a quality education within our neighborhoods; and
  • Ensuring that the cost of housing in our neighborhoods remains accessible for middle class families. 

Your active participation and encouragement made our campaign possible, and our neighborhoods will continue to need your active engagement as we work towards these priorities and others in the next council. 

Once again, thank your support during this incredible journey. I am genuinely grateful for the trust you have placed in me and the opportunity to serve as your councilperson. I look forward to working together for the future our neighborhoods and our city. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 10:07 PM


I’m excited to announce today that I will officially appear on the ballot in District 20 as a candidate for the Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County in the August 3 election!

The Davidson County Election Commission verified our campaign’s nominating petition on Tuesday, April 18, having secured far more than the requisite number of signatures of qualified voters in our district to appear on the ballot.  

It’s a long way from here to election day and I’ll need your help to get our message out. If you haven’t already, I’m asking you to volunteer for our campaign for a responsive and responsible government, whether its knocking on doors, making phone calls, requesting a yard sign, talking to your neighbors, or any other way you can help out.  

The stakes are high in this election - I’ll hope you join us.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 12:05 AM


Earlier this month, Gov. Bill Lee signed into law HB48/SB87, the so-called "Council Bill," cutting the size of Nashville’s Metro Council in half, from 40 to 20 members. This unnecessary and misguided bill has caused chaos and uncertainty in our election cycle and undermined our city’s political process.

Metro Legal has filed a lawsuit against the state but such litigation is unpredictable and we are unlikely to have any further clarity for several weeks or longer. The prospect of a significantly smaller council raises the stakes of the August election – every council seat becomes that much more important and necessary to ensure the council remains reflective of our city's priorities and values.

Regardless of the results of this litigation, I will remain in this race to continue our neighborhoods’ fight for a more responsive and answerable Metro government, better schools, a fairer housing system, and walkable neighborhoods.

We must have your support to continue this fight. Please volunteer or make a money contribution to our campaign (even $25 helps a lot) so we can represent you and create a brighter future for Nashville.

Rollin Horton

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Monday, February 6, 2023 2:39 PM




Nashville, Tenn., February 6 --- Rollin Horton announced today that he is running for the Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County in District 20 in the Aug. 3 General Election. 

“Nashville is facing many new challenges and I believe it needs young, energetic leadership with innovative ideas and a willingness to cooperate for the best interests of our great and growing community,” Horton said. 

The district seat is roughly bounded to the east by 44th Avenue North and White Bridge Road and to the north and west by the Cumberland River. The district seat will be vacated because incumbent Mary Carolyn Roberts will be term-limited for the office.  

An active member in the community, Horton serves on the Board of The Nations Neighborhood Association. “We’ve identified five key issues for voters in our district that I plan to concentrate on: sidewalks and pedestrian safety, housing affordability, improved protection from property and personal crime, and supporting and fully funding our public schools.”

Horton grew up in Peoria, Ill. and attended Illinois State University for college and the University of Connecticut for law school. After graduation, he and his wife Samantha, who are high school sweethearts, relocated to Boston, Mass. Four years later, they relocated to Nashville for its quality of life and to raise a family. Today, Rollin and Samantha live in The Nations neighborhood with their dog, Lady, and their cat, Marie. 

Horton, age 33, is a practicing attorney and specializes in business and tax issues. Outside interests include enjoying local restaurants and entertainment with wife Samantha, gardening, and playing fetch with Lady at West Park. Horton is an Officer and Regional Vice Chair for the Davidson County Democratic Party.

Mac Watson, Chair of The Nations Business Committee, is Horton’s campaign treasurer and manager. 

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